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Lolita Taub chose to find and serve her own tribe, the tribe of female millennials around the world.

This article forms part of our #PioneeringWomen series aimed at equipping, engaging, and empowering female entrepreneurs — and covers individuals, organisations and topics that contribute significantly toward the advancement of women in business.

Lolita Taub is a first generation Mexican American, born to immigrant parents, and the first in her family to graduate from college. She followed the recipe for success that most people have been fed growing up: Graduate from college, get a good corporate job, get a house, get married, and have kids.

Taub worked extremely hard to graduate from college with a bachelors degree in International Relations and Global Business in three years and ended up with a good job working in corporate America for over seven years — at companies like Cisco Systems and IBM.

In 2009, when she was only 23, her father got sick and she was fortunate enough to be able to take some time off to be with him on his death bed. Sadly, he passed away and the message he left with her was this: Be happy. Do what you love, and live the life you want to live.

At a San Diego State University Tedx talk, she shares her experience about replacing her father as the breadwinner of her family, working hard and not earning enough to cover everything while dealing with depression and grief as her family went through bankruptcy. She also disclosed her experience being crippled by fear as, in the midst of this dark time, she was diagnosed with prestage cancer.

Her only chance to beat the disease was to focus on herself, in doing so, she was faced with some tough questions; who she was, why she was here, and what her purpose in the world was.

Through her work at Cisco she got involved with the economics of Native American Tribes and was inspired to find and serve her own ‘tribe’ by a Paum Tribal Chief.

“I quit my corporate job as a sales executive, I took my corporate savings, and I decided to follow my instinct to serve my tribe via The Female Millennial Show, or for short, The F SHOW.

According to Seth Godin, a tribe is simply a group of people connected to an idea with a shared interest and a way to communicate. Taub, as a female millennial herself, chose to find and serve her own tribe, the tribe of female millennials around the world.

In March last year, she quit her job, and travelled around the world interviewing women from more than 20 countries (including South Africa) on over five continents to share how they do what they love and live the lives they want to live and to share these stories with other female millennials via The F SHOW.

We got in touch with Taub and she shared some exclusive insights into The F SHOW that officially launched yesterday.

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Originally published at on June 2, 2015 by Melissa Anne Wentzel.

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