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ACM2015 REFLECTIONS: Why time-travelling is possible in Global Shapers

[By Ignacio Puig Moreno, 2015–2016 Buenos Aires Curator]

I was quoted in the ACM Daily, the newsletter of the Annuals Curators Meeting of 2015 put together by the Geneva Hub, when someone overheard me saying that “clocks move faster in Switzerland while you sleep”. Although this fantastic quote was coined by Julián Bronstein from the Córdoba Hub and I just translated it and repeated it many (MANY) times, it got me to think about time and the sense of it while in this experience.

Time became a relative thing instantly. For example, sleeping was almost non-existent and it felt as if the clock ticked at a special faster rate those days. An average of 4 hours of sleep per night did the magic. Furthermore, I got a 48 hours day: went to sleep on Sunday, 17th August, for my few daily hours and did not get into a bed until after I landed in Buenos Aires on 19th August. How is this possible? Easy. I went straight from the club to catch my flight, which was definitely worth it and although it was a lot of pain, it prolonged the ACM vibe until I got home.

But more importantly, I felt that we could travel to different places and moments in your life or that of others, back and forth, in a matter of seconds. You could be looking at the worlds future during a discussion about employment, the next instant be staring at someone’s past while he tells you his story, and after that materialise yourself in the very present while enjoying a clown session.

Even better, you were able to put all that in the same instant. Past, present, future. Here, there. A full cocktail of feelings and emotions which could contradict each other. All there. Feeling exhausted but energised, wanting to be alone but with others, getting serious but having fun, working as a group but letting everyone do as it felt like. It was crazy, but it was happening. It was real.

In the land of watches, time became as relative as Einstein could theorise it. But for us it was not just an explanation, no one had to tell us the story. We lived it. We believed in it. So anytime you think something is not possible, or someone tells you it is not possible, as time travelling, go back to these moments and feel and know that it is possible. Lets keep on doing the impossible.

Until next time! (whenever you want that to be ;)

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