Cognitive 101: Cognitive Computing and AI Companies

Making lists of companies brings back memories of working at a startup in Silicon Valley.

Just earlier this year, I sat in countless meetings with CXOs discussing recruitment, retention, and promotion challenges and how machine learning technology could help address them. The inevitable questions that popped up where: Have you heard of X company? How are you different from Y company? What other companies are doing Z? (No doubt I had to get familiar with a fairly new niche ecosystem).

To get you started on your enterprise solution — cognitive computing partner due diligence, I humbly share insight into the cognitive computing ecosystem below.

Let’s start at the top of list.

Top Cognitive Computing Companies for Enterprise Solutions

Predictive Analytics Today says that the top 8 cognitive computing companies are:

  1. IBM Watson — Leverage deep analysis and evidence based reasoning to quickly make the right decisions, solve problems, reduce costs, and arrive at optimal outcomes and so much more.
  2. Microsoft Cognitive Services — Intelligent APIs that make products and services more intelligent, engaging, and discoverable.
  3. HPE Haven OnDemand — Big data platform in the cloud and on premise.
  4. Cisco Cognitive Threat Analytics — Detects and responds to security threats.
  5. Google DeepMind — Technology that learns directly from raw experience or data, and is general in that it can perform well across a wide variety of tasks straight out of the box.
  6. CognitiveScale — Learns a domain, understands end-user context, personalizes and adapts experiences, and improves continuously as it learns from data and actions.
  7. Customer Matrix — Serves on the front line of sales and customer service excellence
  8. Spark Cognition — Builds Artificial Intelligence systems that secure & optimize cyber-physical assets

Cognitive Computing Startups for Enterprise Solutions

Bloomberg Beta says these are the cognitive computing companies to watch — they focus on marrying data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence with the goal of serving Enterprise Businesses.

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Image by Bloomberg Beta’s Shivon Zilis


  • 6sense — B2B predictive intelligence engine for marketing and sales
  • Infer — lead scoring and advanced predictive analytics integrates with your existing marketing automation tools to build personalized predictive models
  • people pattern — supplies audience intelligence to the world’s biggest brands, turning vast messy public data into actionable persona sets
  • preact — customer success solution makes it easy to predict customer health, so you can reduce churn and drive revenue
  • prism — transform your cameras and other connected devices into analytics tools so you can remotely monitor, manage, and optimize your business
  • aviso — predictive analytics software to help sales organizations optimize their performance and exceed revenue goals using machine learning
  • vidora — helps commerce, subscription, and media companies reduce churn by predicting future customer actions and automatically increasing engagement
  • sentient — artificial Intelligence software to transform how businesses tackle their most complex, mission critical problems
  • sales predict — predictive lead scoring to deliver insights that help marketing and sales teams increase conversions and accelerate sales cycles
  • gainsight — customer success management platform


  • liftigniter — predictive analytics will improve CTR on your website, which will build web traffic
  • radius — predictive analytics for B2B marketers with actionable insights
  • brightfunnel — a complete picture of marketing’s impact on sales with the leading attribution and forecasting solution for B2B marketers
  • retention science — target, engage and retain your customers
  • airpr — provides analytics, insights, and measurement solutions for the evolving PR industry

Customer Support

  • quantifind — explanatory analytics and other big data solutions to brands looking to go beyond social listening and tie social shares to revenue
  • — augment and automate your customer service experience with machine learning tools including smart routing, recommended response, and automatic reply
  • actioniq — redefining Intelligent Marketing through Big Data and innovative UX
  • digitalgenius — next-generation communication automation technologies for the enterprise

Internal Intel

  • alation — centralizes knowledge about your company’s data and how to use it, unlocking the unrealized insights in your data systems
  • arimo — predictive behavioral Intelligence solution that predicts future behaviors
  • palantir — software that connects data, technologies, humans and environments
  • sapho — deliver important, relevant business events directly to employees via an app
  • lucid — enables organizations to centralize their building data, discover insights, improve facility operations, and transform their business
  • rainbird — cloud-based artificial intelligence platform that enables anyone to capture their knowledge and publish it so that others can solve problems
  • agolo — connects to news, documents, cloud storage to create summaries in real-time
  • digital reasoning — digital Reasoning is a leader in Cognitive Computing for the Enterprise
  • narrative science — advanced Natural Language Generation for the enterprise, generating data-driven narratives at scale

Market Intel

  • quid — a platform that searches, analyzes and visualizes the world’s collective intelligence to help answer strategic questions
  • mattermark — data platform for venture capital companies to quantify signals of growing and potentially lucrative start-ups
  • datafox — helps find new prospects, keep accounts current and expand territories.
  • bottlenose — provides solutions for enterprises to identify, anticipate and instigate trends that drive their businesses in real-time
  • premise — provides real-time data and on the ground intelligence powered by our global network of contributors
  • enigma — developer of solutions to analyze public data sources
  • cbinsights — personalized gateway to smarter, faster, friendlier intelligence on high growth private companies


  • textio — uses machine learning and linguistic analysis to predict the success of job listings in real time as companies type them
  • hiQ — makes it easy for anyone to use advanced people analytics to more effectively engage — and retain — their best people
  • SpringRole — sourced the right candidate faster and cheaper through machine learning
  • unitive — automates your entire hiring process
  • gild — end-to-end recruiting solution designed to make hiring easier, faster, and more cost effective
  • entelo — platform enables top talent professionals to find, qualify, and engage with in-demand talent
  • gigster — connects you with Silicon Valley based product managers and top developers


  • graphistry — visually analyze millions of events on a graph from device logs and attack alerts to communications and transactions, make better decisions by uncovering key patterns and entities
  • bitsight — translate complex cybersecurity issues into actionable intelligence
  • feedzai — software that uses big data analysis and machine-based learning to prevent fraud in commerce
  • area1 — actively identifies and prevents advanced socially engineered attacks before they impact your enterprise
  • sift science — offers large-scale machine-learning technology services that help e-commerce businesses detect and fight fraud
  • cylance — protects your endpoints against advanced malware with antivirus built on artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • brighterion — real-time fraud and cyber threat protection leveraging Artificial Intelligence technologies

If you found some particularly interesting, then reach out to them and make sure to dig deep. Consider asking them: All things considered in my enterprise, why does your solution make sense for us? What are your differentiators? Can we trust that you’ll be around to help us before, during, and after deployment? …and so on. You’ve got this!

Please leave me a comment with other companies to add.

“Cognitive 101” is an introductory series on the world of Cognitive Computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Written by Lolita Taub and written for C-suite and Line-of-Business seeking to address business challenges and goals using the smartest tech.

Originally published at on September 17, 2016.

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