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By Lolita Taub (@lolitataub)

This is a living resource list for cognitive computing and artificial intelligence (AI) enthusiasts.

Communities and Blogs

AI Trends


AI Business

Cognitive Computing Consortium

Cognitive Computing Forum

Cognitive Computing Blog

Computación Cognitiva Blog

Top 5 Cognitive Computing Videos

Cognitive computing | Jerome Pesenti | TEDxBermuda

The Future of Cognitive Computing

The rise of cognitive computing and IoT

The New Era of Cognitive Computing

Cognitive Computing Overview: The Next Big Thing

Top 5 AI Videos

Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence Meltdown

Artificial Intelligence and the future | André LeBlanc | TEDxMoncton

Davos 2016 — The State of Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence Exactly?

Latest Artificial Intelligence: Sofia robot Humanoids, Androids 2016


BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking Festival: Work Available. No Humans Need Apply

a16z Podcast: Artificial Intelligence and the ‘Space of Possible Minds’


Accel Partners

Intel Capital


500 startups

New Enterprise Associates

Y Combinator

Khosla Ventures

Horizons Ventures

SV Angels

Right Side Capital Management

Plug & Play Ventures

Founders Fund


AME Cloud Ventures

Felicis Ventures

Index Ventures


Data Collective

Google Ventures

Andreessen Horowitz

GE Ventures

Two Sigma Ventures

Samsung Ventures

Norwest Ventures Partners

Bloomberg Beta


AI list by Ventures Scanner

AI list by AngelList

Cognitive Computing list by DataFox

Bloomberg Beta Machine Learning list

Education and MOOCs

Everything you’d want to know about AI by AI Topics

Google Teaching a Free Online Deep Learning Course

Introducing Amazon Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Watson Academy


AI Intelligence for Enterprise Summit, Orlando, Oct 24–26

AI World, San Francisco, Oct 7–9

IBM Watson World, Las Vegas, Oct 24–27

AI Summit, San Francisco, September, 28–29

AAAI, Phoenix, February 12–17


AI vocabulary categorized by AI Trends

AI companies categorized by Venture Scanner

AI terms you should know by Tech Republic

General tech glossary by Gartner


15 of the best movies about AI by zdnet

AI Film list by Wikipedia

People to follow on Twitter

Elon Musk @elonmusk

Rodney Brooks @rodneyabrooks

Martin Ford @MFordFuture

Gary Marcus @GaryMarcus

David Brin @DavidBrin

Nikola Danaylov @singularityblog

Randy Olson @randal_olson

Peter Xing @peterxing

Rod Furlan @rfurlan

Helpful Articles

Artificial Intelligence meets the C-Suite by McKinsey

What Everyone Should Know About Cognitive Computing by Forbes

Artificial Intelligence Rapidly Adopted By Enterprises, Survey Says by Forbes

Investors are backing more AI startups than ever by Business Insider

Did I miss something? Let me know.

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Currently, I’m pursuing my MBA at the IE Business School in Madrid and working on two Huffington Post Tech series: “Cognitive 101” and “Cognitive Business.” My goal is to finish my graduate studies at the end of 2017 and work in the cognitive computing and AI space as a B2B business development executive.

I like connecting with good people. Tweet (@lolitataub), email (, or come visit me here.

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