Enabling Founder-Access to Investors + Capital Through Our Startup-Investor Matching Tool

Lolita Taub
5 min readMay 23, 2020
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To efficiently give founders access to investors and capital, Josh Taub and I created a free startup-investor matching tool. Learn more about the backstory, the tool itself, and feel free to submit your co!

Startup-Investor Matching Tool Backstory

A couple of months ago, pre-COVID, I was given the opportunity to take on two operator titles, Chief of Staff and a Sales Head role at Catalyte. I said, “yes!” and ran with it! It’s super fun but my workload has definitely increased. Well, a few weeks ago I accepted that and the fact that in order for me to provide quality work in both my operator (weekdays) and investor (evening and weekend) roles, I needed to optimize for quality and efficiency. So, I jumped on the phone with other folks who were wearing both investor and operator hats.

From my conversations, I realized a few operator-investor hacks I can leverage:

  • Commit to time-boxing my work by role and project
  • Leverage a personal CRM system and Calendly
  • Set SMART goals on Sundays for all roles on a weekly basis and check-in on Fridays
  • Get more efficient at reviewing startups and sending deal flow to others

That helped but I was still dissatisfied. I kept asking myself: how can I efficiently support my founder followers? So, I experimented with a post whose call to action was for active-investors to show their thesis statements so that thesis aligned startups could directly reach out to them.

That led to a handful of investors thanking me because the tweet led to a ton of deal flow for them.

Lolita Taub

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