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Juraj Pal has almost been onboard Startuptravels from day one, and has used Startuptravels extensively during his 4 month stay in Hong Kong and around Asia. We of course talked to Juraj after he returned to Denmark about his stay abroad and how Startuptravels contributed to his experience.

Welcome back to Denmark, Juraj. Could you tell us about your last half year? We know you have been traveling a lot.

Thanks Rasmus! I just got back to Denmark after spending 4 months in Hong Kong followed by 1 month of backpacking throughout Southeast Asia where I had the opportunity to visit Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Singapore.

I came to Hong Kong to spend 1 semester studying at the City University of Hong Kong but having a startup myself I used every single opportunity to explore and get to know the startup scene in Hong Kong and Asia in general.

How was the startup scene in Hong Kong? How about Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore and the other places you visited?

The startup ecosystem in Hong Kong is in my opinion much more energetic compared to the one we’re used to in Europe. The explosive tech scene, coworking spaces on every corner and the growing number of young entrepreneurs all plot the next entrepreneurship revolution in Hong Kong. What surprised me the most was the openness of all the local people when it came to connecting with other entrepreneurs. Hong Kong is indeed a city full of exciting opportunities which means that I will be back!

Out of the other countries I visited, it was the startup scene in Cambodia that interested me. Its ever-growing social entrepreneurship community is making a big difference for both the local people and the whole country.

Did you manage to meet some people on the platform?

Indeed! I met with loads of great people but the 2 meetups in Hong Kong that inspired me the most were with Anita and Maggie from Sam the Local and Lolita from The FSHOW.

Anita and Maggie are the Co-Founders of Sam the Local, a startup that connects explorers and locals for customised outings in Hong Kong. This meetup was great not just because of Anita’s and Maggie’s great energy but also because Sam the Local and DiscoverCity have many similarities which made the conversations really interesting. We even met at a rooftop party later that day!

How was the meetup with Lolita?

Lolita is an amazing human being. I had the pleasure of meeting her together with her husband when they stayed in Hong Kong to interview and film some of the most influential female entrepreneurs in the area as part of The FSHOW. Lolita travelled for 4 months, interviewed and filmed 50+ female millennial entrepreneurs from 15+ countries, 5+ continents and 15+ industries. The FSHOW aims to create 50+ episodes with the mission to inspire, guide and support female millennial future entrepreneurs to do what they love which she does really well with her positive energy! I am sure this was not the last time Lolita and I meet.

What is it that makes Startuptravels a great platform?

I really believe that it is the simplicity and ease of use that Startuptravels brings to arranging a meetup with like-minded people in different countries. Now that working remotely from anywhere around the world is so easy, Startuptravels adds great value by enabling entrepreneurs to get to know different startup ecosystems around the globe even during short travels. We are glad Juraj had a great time in Asia, and have brought home some very given knowledge about the startup ecosystem in Southeast Asia. Juraj also contributed to a video about his experience using Startuptravels which you can see below together with other great entrepreneurs around the world.

Originally published at on March 3, 2015 by Juraj Pal & Rasmus Frandsen.

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