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Lolita Taub, visited TheBarn and interviewed female millennial entrepreneurs to find out what they are doing and how they are going about it.

About Lolita Taub

Lolita studied at the University of Southern California, IBM Global Sales School and Cisco Sales School.

With over 7 years hands on experience as a Business Strategist and Sales Executive, she has worked for two of the largest technology companies; IBM and Cisco.

Lolita who quit her job and with enough savings in her bank to roam around the world as a budget backpacker for a year, she plans to find out how women entrepreneurs are doing what they love and living the life they would like to live.

During her corporate stay she found ways to integrate her strength in the business field, her curiosity in technology and travel and her passion for women empowerment on her online show The F SHOW.

About the #F SHOW

“I’d say that if you’ve ever wondered about loving what you do and living the life you want to live and ever considered becoming an entrepreneur. You may want to come along this journey,” said Lolita.

Lolita’s aims at receiving inspiration support and guidance from these young women and to share their message with the rest of the world via her television programs #F SHOW.

The main purpose of The F SHOW is to have a global community of future and current entrepreneur woman who are able to empower their local communities through social media, in-person interactions and an online video resource platform.

The F SHOW is self-funded dream of YouTube short-video series of interviews with successful female millennial entrepreneurs and advice from both male and female entrepreneur guides from more than 16 countries.

Watch this space for TheBarn’s Female millennial entrepreneurs who will be showcasing what they do on The F SHOW.

For more information about female millennial entrepreneurs contact Lolita Taub:


Originally published at on January 27, 2015 by CiTi.

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