The F SHOW Collects
the Most Empowering
Female Entrepreneurs

Lolita Taub is one of those empowering women we love to feature on IntoConnection. She recently took a big leap by quitting her corporate job to serve, as she calls it, her ‘tribe’: the female, entrepreneurial millennial.

With her online show ‘The F SHOW’, Lolita wants to inspire and empower female entrepreneurs who who’d like to start their own business. She’s interviewed over 80 successful entrepreneurs from over 20 countries, 5 continents and 15 industries. ‘The F SHOW will be a success when female millennials see that is possible to do what you love and live to life you want to live via entrepreneurship,’ Lolita tells IntoConnection.

Lolita had a promising corporate career at Cisco and IBM, when her father passed away. ‘I had a call with mortality when my father passed aways,’ Lolita tells us. ‘I wondered: am I doing what I want to do?’ Lolita went to Burkina Faso for Peace Corps, and when she came back, she knew for sure that she did not want to go back in working a corporate job anymore but wanted to serve humanity. She took of for four months to make The F SHOW. The result will air this June.

Originally published at on March 31, 2015 by IntoConnection.

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