The F SHOW Diaries: Dubai
(Part 14 of 16)

Originally published at on January 11, 2015 by Lolita Taub.

Dubai is one of the handful of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is a city that’s quickly become a tourist go-to destination. It’s a great place for people who like shopping, shopping, and shopping. If you want to get a Maserati thrown in with your new house on the Palm Islands, then go to Dubai.

This was my third visit to UAE and Dubai (or DxB as the cool kids like to type). The first time I was in DxB it was more desert than city, the second time it was a city-in-construction brimming with immigrants from Asia, and this third time it was a city of expatriates — people from other countries working and shopping. Shopping, shopping, shopping. In fact, there is a new train to transport you to shopping destinations.

I suppose there is a little more — than simply shopping — to this city and I am happy to tell you about it! You can go see sharks swimming in an indoor mall aquarium, go skiing inside of the mall, and outside of Dubai you can gosandboarding! Pretty cool.

My favorite thing about Dubai was conducting The F SHOW interviews and meeting female millennial entrepreneurs. These ladies …wow! We met with the Mompreneur ring-leader at Mompreneurs Middle East; the founder of a startup that helps entrepreneurs set-up shop at The Basement Project; and, finally, we also met with the incredible healing spiritual coach / founder of Girl in the Wild World.

Lakshmi was phenomenal. It was because of her that we had the Dubai F&F Brunch. Lakshmi, Josh, and I met with a Sri Lankan expat and fashion e-commerce founder of20~Robe, had a wonderful entrepreneur/corporate life conversation, and ate one of the best carrot cakes I’ve ever had (the cake was moist, sweet but not too sweet, and the icing was to-die-for)!

Side story (because I don’t want you to think that everything is rosy and pink when traveling): I lost my glasses temporarily, freaked out, and then found them one day later.

The silver lining of Josh’s and my experience in UAE was going out to the dessert. There’s something so fun about being driven over sand dunes, being scared to death of toppling over, and safely arriving to a place where you can ride camels and sand-board safely.

To conclude, if you want to shop, buy a Maserati-home combo, or go for a fun adrenaline dessert drive, then visit UAE.


A special thanks goes to Lakshmi for coordinating the F&F Brunch and The Basement Project and Mompreneurs Middle East for allowing us to film in your offices! Thanks toAlan for the intro; and Startuptravels for making it possible to connect with Disha.

The F SHOW Diaries is a series of 16 blog entries that capture the show’s creator’s 4 month journey across 18 countries to create The F SHOW.

The F SHOW features inspiration, guidance, and stories from 83 female millennial entrepreneurs CEOs in 6 continents and 23 countries.

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