The F SHOW Diaries: Japan
(Part 6 of 16)

Originally published at on November 27, 2014 by Lolita Taub.

Hanukkah and Christmas just happened; and 2015 is around the corner! Happy Holidays! It’s been a merry end of year for The FSHOW celebrated inAustralia (kangaroo land), New Zealand (the land of the hobbits), Indonesia (spiritual-bikini land), Singapore (Singapore Sling land), Thailand (Coconutland), and Japan which is the land of…(I know you want to know)

Japan is the land of yummy food (sushi! kobe beef!) and country 6 in The FSHOW World Tour out of 16+ countries!

In Japan, The FSHOW interviewed two amazing expatriates (expats) fromAmerica and New Zealand, Gabby & Francesca. They are both JETS and entrepreneurs in Tokyo.

Gabby is a lifestyle entrepreneur and founder of Go Natural English, a global online languageeducation platform (if you want to build an education business, be sure to catch her on The FSHOW mid 2015!).

Francesca is co-founder of Auckland Food Tours, a New Zealand food tour business made for global foodies who are looking to eat tasty food — that no one else knows about — with an intellectual twist!

At the quaint F&F Meet-Up Japan, Gabby, Lolita, and Josh where we were scolded for double-dipping! I suppose the restaurant owner felt bad and gave provided “departing candy.” See below. All funniness aside, the meet-up was a great reminder of the fact that: knowledge is power (proud nerds)!

The FSHOW Host, Lolita Taub, and her husband Josh Taub (yes, Lolita took his name!), went out on all sorts of adventures in Tokyo (mostly including food). They (partially) ate the wasabi Kit Kat (did you know there are 200+ choices of Kit Kat flavors?), crashed a wedding, ate boba-textured donuts, visited a Robot’s home, and ate tons of more food — including a 9 Kobe-Beef Course (mouth is watering!) at 511! Gluttony, I think not!

An italicized thank you to The FSHOW’s AirBnB hosts for choosing to buy a heated carpet, and talking TOTO toilet with butt washing and warming capabilities (if you’d try it you’d fall in love with it too)! Let’s not forget to give a special thanks goes to Hiroo No Curry for their all time amazing chicken curry (WOW) — creamy, rich, saucy, spicy, perfect…yumminess.

The F SHOW Diaries is a series of 16 blog entries that capture the show’s creator’s 4 month journey across 18 countries to create The F SHOW.

The F SHOW features inspiration, guidance, and stories from 83 female millennial entrepreneurs CEOs in 6 continents and 23 countries.

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