The F SHOW Diaries: Morocco
(Part 16 of 16)

Originally published at on January 25, 2015 by Lolita Taub.

If, like me, you appreciate the concept of “global citizenship” and ever wanted to see what three worlds coming together looks like, then Morocco is the place to visit.

Morocco, like South Africa, has a healthy mix of peoples and cultures. In Morocco, French,Spanish, and Arab influence is predominant. It shows in its 3-or-4 language speaking citizens — it is not at all uncommon to come across someone who speaks French, Spanish, and Arabic.

Morocco is a place to experience the intersection of the Arab World-Europe-Africa in sight, taste, and smell. The 3-world fashion sense is well represented; the use of traditional wear (like Djellabas) are apparent as are western looks (there are some that fashion head scarves but not all). There is definitely a rich culture in Moroccan, Arab, and French cuisine; you can find couscous and tajines as easily as hummus and shawarma, or a French pastry shop. As for smell, spices overwhelm the senses (in a good way) in places like Fez and Marrakesh; while you get wafts of Arab-Moroccan and European perfumes in the streets ofRabat and Casablanca.

It really was a treat to have the opportunity to showcase the Moroccan melting-pot spectrum on The F SHOW and end The F SHOW World Tour here. We met with three female millennial entrepreneurs pushing the cultural boundaries with their business services, and media businesses: Chama, Rime, and Khadija. You’ll have to wait and get all the juicy details on The F SHOW mini-series. ;-)

The F SHOW World Tour had a phenomenal final F&F Brunch in Casablanca. With a mix of female millennial entrepreneurs and female millennial future entrepreneurs, it was a brunch that I’ll always remember. They embodied women ready to “do what they love” and “live the life they want to live.” It’s obvious that no matter what, these women do — and will continue to — unapologetically create businesses, create wealth (emotionally and financial), and change the world.

The end to The F SHOW World Tour could not have been any more perfect.

Lucky for Josh and me, we had the pleasure of meeting with incredible female millennial entrepreneurs andfemfupreneurs in Morocco, in Africa, in The Middle East, Asia, and Oceania.


A special thanks goes to the universe for making The F SHOW World Tour possible, my husband who served as the F SHOW videographer and photographer, Sarah who helped coordinate interviews and The F&F Brunch in Casablanca. Thanks to everyone who made The F SHOW possible in Morocco and the world (YOU included)!

Thanks for taking part in the female millennial entrepreneur empowerment movement by following The F SHOW! Your social support makes a difference.

The F SHOW Diaries is a series of 16 blog entries that capture the show’s creator’s 4 month journey across 18 countries to create The F SHOW.

The F SHOW features inspiration, guidance, and stories from 83 female millennial entrepreneurs CEOs in 6 continents and 23 countries.

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