The F SHOW Diaries: New Zealand
(Part 2 of 16)

Originally published at on October 30, 2014 by Lolita Taub.

The F SHOW arrived to beautiful New Zealand today! It’s really Lord of the Rings-y!

Let’s Recap

It’s been around 1 month since Josh and I left San Diego, California to travel to 16 countries for The F SHOW! That was so fast! We visited much of the Australian Eastern Coast:

  • Cairns (Great Barrier Reef)
  • Rockhampton (beef capital)
  • Brisbane (a quaint city with many koalas)
  • Sydney (beautiful beaches)
  • Melbourne (where the best food in Australia resides)

My favorite place to visit as a tourist was Sydney’s Bondi Beach; my favorite place to visit at heart was Melbourne. Not only did I get to eat these delicious cupcakes below but I also got to spend time with a beautiful friend of mine and her family — a family that made me feel at home, loved, and cared for. More than that, it was so special to celebrate Josh’s and my first year anniversary with my friend’s family! As for The FSHOW, lots got done! The update list is below. #worklifebalance

The FSHOW Update Check-List

  • The FSHOW World Tour left the first country from the FSHOW World Tour itinerary
  • The FSHOW completed 4 interviews with incredibly talented women in Australia
  • The FSHOW completed 2 F&F BRUNCHES in Australia
  • The FSHOW World Tour scheduled interviews in 13 of the 16 countries (+80% there!).
  • The FSHOW started planning for amazing Instagram posts, here
  • The FSHOW Facebook Female Millennial Entrepreneur Group launched
  • The FSHOW will be informally collaborating with Girl Gone International (in Indonesia, South Korea, and South Africa)
  • The FSHOW host, Lolita Taub, is now a member of global communities: Startup Travel, InterNations, andEntrepreneur Traction
  • The FSHOW host, Lolita Taub, is planning to speak at The Global Millennial Conference 2015
  • The FSHOW host, Lolita Taub, and her husband are planning to volunteer in Nepal for Seven Women, a non-profit that empowers women in Nepal in December this year
  • The FSHOW CharityMiles team, #FSHOW, walked, ran, and biked 74.883 miles for Girl Up

The F SHOW Diaries is a series of 16 blog entries that capture the show’s creator’s 4 month journey across 18 countries to create The F SHOW.

The F SHOW features inspiration, guidance, and stories from 83 female millennial entrepreneurs CEOs in 6 continents and 23 countries.

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