The F SHOW Diaries: South Africa
(Part 15 of 16)

Originally published at on January 20, 2014 by Lolita Taub.

With sand still in our sneakers from our UAE desert visit, we arrived to South Africa.

South Africa is at the most southern point in Africa (likely the reason why it’s called South Africa). It’s home to penguins, wineries, and an international entrepreneur hub. Cape Town is sometimes referred to as the Silicon Cape (as in…Silicon Valley).

For The F SHOW tour, we visited Cape Town. This place reminded me of Southern California meets Florida. Cape Town is reminiscent of California’s mountains and ocean dynamic; and reminiscent of Florida’s wind and beach culture. The thing Cape Town has on California and Florida is it’s penguins and baboons (I love animals)!

The F SHOW female millennial entrepreneur interview line up was phenomenal thanks to the folks at Mzansi Store, and The Barn (especially Naz)! Yay! Who did we meet? For the first round of interviews, we met the awesome founder of the South Africa-Etsy, Mzansi Store; we met the Tri-athlete and founder of a social analytics platform, Weaverlution; and we met the memorable red-head founder of a marketing company, Wonder Women Media.

Side note: South Africa came out of its apartheid state in 1994 thanks toNelson Mandela (Mandela like Martin Luther King ended racial segregation legally). There are definitely still semblances of a white and colored community. Keeping this in mind, I did my best to represent both white and colored female millennial entrepreneurs.

For the second round of interviews, we interviewed colored women at The Barn, an entrepreneurs office dream (highly recommend working with them because they’re super supportive and super nice). We met the founder of a business training and conservative-fashion startup, a mobile-technology solution startup, and a leather goods startup. They’ve withstood and overcome so many obstacles. Genuinely, these women are my heroines.

On the weekend, we had The F SHOW F&F & GGI Picnic at Kirstenbosch (one of the most beautiful parks I’ve ever visited). The atmosphere and the ladies made this meet-up extra special. We talked about travel, food, business, and fruit-drunk animals (you have to watch the YouTube) — so much fun! Picnics are really underrated.

South Africa definitely kept us busy on our tourist day too. We went off to the wineries to a sparkling wine, meringue-marshmallow pairing; we went to the most southern point of Africa, and we visited the penguins!

Although South Africa is far away from the rest of the world, I definitely suggest going. It’s a place anyone and everyone will enjoy! Then again, I’m probably biased because I had a great time and found a chiropractor there — heaven for a woman with scoliosis!


A special thanks goes to Lianne, Deidre, Genevieve, and Naz. Thanks for lending us your space, sharing a meal, and all-in-all making the visit to Cape Town extra special. Thanks to The Barn, GGI Cape Town, andRainer for helping make The F SHOW Cape Town visit a complete success!

The F SHOW Diaries is a series of 16 blog entries that capture the show’s creator’s 4 month journey across 18 countries to create The F SHOW.

The F SHOW features inspiration, guidance, and stories from 83 female millennial entrepreneurs CEOs in 6 continents and 23 countries.

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