Top 10 reasons why
Hera Venture Summit
is a must attend funding & investing event this month

Female angel investing has hit a record high this year, reaching over 26% of angel investing being done by women in 2014 (historically being at 15%). In the VC world, women only make up 4% of venture capital partners. Many organizations are helping the rise of this group of economy-builders by education through bootcamps by Pipeline Fellowship, groups like Golden Seeds, and funds likeRising Tide Fund. Gender lens investing is on the rise and you should be informed and ride this wave. Female startups should capitalize on this increased interest in funding and know that research is being conducted on the ROI that female CEOs are getting for their investors, as First Round Capital realized that in their portfolio, female founders outperform their male counterparts (“companies with a female founder performed 63% better than our investments with all-male founding teams”).

IT’S A GREAT YEAR for female funders and female founders! Why? Female angels are the REAL unicorns and get to KNOW them and INTERACT with them at the annual Hera Venture Summit. Here are 10 AWESOME reasons to register today for this “building bridges” event between female founders and female funders to increase access to capital:

1. Get to know ALL the stats of the growing trend of gender lens investing. Hear the stats, get to understand them, and discuss trends in one intense but awesome day!

2. Meet the change makers in the female angel investing ecosystem. We have ladies coming from Seattle, Boulder, NYC, Palo Alto, Phoenix, San Francisco, and Orange County, so you will get an amazing view and feel of the female investor movement across the US in a single, beautifully San Diego sunny day.

3. Meet Rising Tide Fund Co-founder Alicia Robb, Senior fellow at Kaufmann Foundation and get a great view on her PIVOTAL role & impact in the changing landscape of venture finance. Along with Trish Costello, founder & CEO ofPortfolia, they are creating a fund of $990,000 that will allow “women to invest in a micro-venture fund, with small stakes; deepen their knowledge/expertise as early-stage investors; and build a small diversified portfolio of entrepreneurial investments”.

4. Learn from, discuss, & meet one of the PIONEERS of female angel investing,Angela Lee, founder & CEO of 37 Angels in NYC and Assistant Dean, Columbia Business School. Want to know the nuts and bolts of angel investing? You can learn during an afternoon educational session.

5. Not only 1, but 2 keynotes!!!! These are inspire you to accomplish your goals, empower you to actually do more, & equip you with their “been there, done that” stories. Our first morning keynote is a serial entrepreneur , Elissa Shevinsky, and our afternoon keynote is renounced entrepreneur turned investor, Consuelo Valverde, founder of SV LATAM fund.

6. From market evaluations to stories of lessons learned to understanding financials to becoming an angel investor, there are 7 panels to learn, grow and invest in yourself and others. Of particular interest to this region, is a binational panel of investors (like Angels Ventures Mexico), entrepreneurs & incubators (like Mind Hub) in the CaliBaja region. Our SD-Tijuana innovation region is a unique gem of innovation and production, full of fantastic new ideas, access to capital from a region rich of entrepreneurs turned investors, and manufacturing facilities for MANY startup ideas of close proximity to the border.

7. An interactive discussion & case study discussion to put you in the hot seat of a female funder asking for angel funding and of a female angel conducting due diligence on a fantastic new funding opportunity. Get your venture groove started by researching South Doctors and the fantastic CEO, Summer Rogers and their recent write-up in the San Diego Business Journal:

8. Join the change makers in the San Diego ecosystem who are supporting female startups, improving our local innovation ecosystem, and just all-around collaboration masters: Navid Alipour, co-founder & managing partner atAnalytics Ventures who is a wealth of information about what makes a GREAT founder & collaborative strength of multiple investors, Mike Krenn, President ofSan Diego Venture Group who understands the need of funding not only the future technology moguls, but the wonderful consumer products women can invent & sell, and Navrina Singh, Head of Innovation program at Qualcomm, who has mentored, supported and raised a significant amount of technology startups through her unique mix of technical expertise and business acumen.

9. Interact, start collaborations, connect, grow and launch through meeting not only fellow female entrepreneurs but also aspiring and established angel investors. Get some feedback on your 30 sec PITCH by just talking with an approachable female investor or as an investor, use the summit to source GREAT new financial opportunities to diversify your portfolio with all sorts of financial horizons and time frames.

10. Connect with power women & men who are changing the landscape of venture finance! Boom, all in one impactful day!!

JOIN US on September 9, 2015, for the Hera Venture Summit at the University of San Diego from 8:30 am — 7 pm. A full day packed with great stories, interactive sessions, and panels for founders and funders!

This top 10 list was inspired by the recent publication of the “7 Reasons Why Hera Venture Summit Is a Must Attend Startup Event” by one of our string strategic partners and supporters, The Startup Garage, founded by Tyler Jensen. Collaboration abounds in the San Diego innovation ecosystem — let’s make it stronger through collective knowledge, investing in each other and learning to scale the entire ecosystem!

Originally published at by Silvia Mah PhD, MBA.

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