Why product-led growth is relevant to you and how founders can use it to drive sales

Product-led growth by Productled.org
  • PLG 101
  • PLG Co Q&A

PLG 101

A brief history to product-led growth by Overview
  • It’s easy/cheap to start a SaaS co.
  • Buyers want to self-educate and self-serve.
  • COVID accelerated shifts from field sales to inside/online sales.
  • User signs-up for freemium product (no salespeople involved) > users use product w/o restriction & get immediate value > user buys (to get additional functionality/capacity)
  • Users become the target buyer and then evolve into > advocates/champions/word-of-mouth saleswomen and men > they create a community-driven company effect.
Sales-led vs Product-led growth GTM by Overview
Tremendous growth in market cap of public PLG companies analysis by Bessemer

PLG Co Q&A w/Earl Lee at HeadsUp

Earl Lee, Co-founder at HeadsUp. Source: EarlVLee.com
  • Marketing: Mutiny
  • Sales: Endgame, HeadsUp, Topline, Pocus
  • Community: Orbit.love
  • OpenView | What is product-led growth?
  • Product Led | Product-led growth definition
  • Bessemer | State of the Cloud 2021 — PLG company growth
  • J12 | PLG and the “Modern” GTM — what’s the hype about?
  • HeadsUp | Everything you need in your PLG GTM stack
  • Unusual | Introduction to PLG (product-led growth)
  • Hubspot | Product Led Growth: Everything You Need to Know



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