Where Latinx Founders Can Find Funding, Resources, and More

Latinx founder numbers are growing at a faster rate than any other group and we’re expected to yield $1.4 Trillion in US GDP.

Source: Wikimedia Commons. Jessica Alba at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2012

TL;DR Latinx entrepreneurs are a strong force to be reckoned with! With capital and support, we can grow our businesses to produce in the trillions — trillions that can better the lives of our families, ourselves, and the world.

Now: I want to invest and support more Latinx founders because I want to support my community and there’s money to be made.

1. What everyone needs to know about Latinx founders
2. Latinx startups that have raised over $1M
3. Latinx founders who have exited
4. Latinx founders and startups to watch
5. Latinx investors
6. Latinx incubators and accelerators
7. Latinx communities
8. Latinx podcasts
9. Latinx events

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What everyone needs to know about Latinx founders

Latinx are the second-largest population in the United States. In 2001, Latinx founders made up 6.5% of all founders, while in 2019 we grew to 15% making us the fastest growing demographic launching companies.

Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business, Latino Entrepreneurship Gap Report

+100 Latinx founded and led startups have raised over $1M dollars

Source: Crunchbase. If you see a company missing, add it here.

+14 Latinx founded and led startups have exited

Source: Crunchbase. If you see a company missing, add it here.

Latinx founders + startups to watch

Elias Torres, Co-founder of Drift

100 Latina Founders

Source: All Raise. If you are a Latina founder that’d like to be added, connect with @ceciliacorral.

💸 If you’re fundraising, submit your co to the Startup-Investor Matching Tool here. It’s by and for underestimated founders! 🎉

Latinx Women in VC

Source: Jomayra Herrera and Maria Salamanca via Medium. If you were missed email maria@unshackledvc.com and jomayraherrera@gmail.com.

Investors investing specifically in Latinx founders

Vamos Ventures — We are a VC impact fund investing in Latinx & diverse founders defining the future through technology.

Latinx accelerators and programs

Manos Accelerator — We are a Latino focused accelerator program providing education, resources and guidance for promising startups. Manos is a Google Launchpad partner.

Latinx communities

Latino Startup Alliance — an organization that encourages the inspiration and cultivation of U.S. Latino led technology startup ventures by providing a strong support network of fellow entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, & mentors.

Latinx podcasts

LatinxAmerica — LatinxAmerica highlights catalysts who are using, leveraging, creating or investing in Tech to impact issues relevant to the Latinx community.

Latinx events

LTX Fest — 4-day virtual experience curated for Latinx professionals in tech and social justice. Date: Oct 13–16, 2020

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